Captain Kirk's status as an interstellar stud is proven by his ability to seduce any woman, in any situation, in any part of the galaxy.  Learn his most guarded secrets by clicking here:

Captain Kirk's Guide To Women:

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How To Romance Any Woman In The Galaxy

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"Guaranteed To Put Your Love-Life On


CAPTAIN KIRK’S GUIDE TO WOMEN is the only warp-powered romance manual for anyone who seeks to become a Casanova of the Cosmos. Written with charm and humor, along with fanatic-level detail and the kind of pointy-eared logic even a green-blooded Vulcan would find fascinating, CAPTAIN KIRK’S GUIDE TO WOMEN will teach you: 

  •     How to kiss your way out of space-jail

  •     Increase her self-esteem

  •     The top pickup lines of the 23rd century

  •     How to Awaken Her Passion

  •     When it's time to "de-brief" your mission

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